Q: I am interested in living in Thousand Oaks, where do I start?
A: Visit – Thousand Oaks Homes

Q: What are some of the amenities you offer?
A: Thousand Oaks is famous for our lush greenspace and miles of paved trails. We have multiple waterfalls, fountains and ponds around the development. We also currently offer two swimming pools, a clubhouse, tennis courts and a playground.

Q: What School District does Thousand Oaks fall under?
A: The Park Hill schools which Thousand Oaks feeds to are: Union Chapel Elementary, Plaza Middle School, Lakeview Middle School and Park Hill South High School.

Q: Where can I find a copy of the covenants?
A: Thousand Oaks Covenants

Q: Where can I pay my homeowners dues?
A: Currently dues are $795 per year and can be sent to:

S.E. Cooper & Associates, 6014 NW Highway 9, Suite B, Parkville, MO 64152, 816-587-2300

Q: Who is on the board of the Thousand Oaks Homeowners Association?
A: Our board is made up of volunteers. A current list may be found under the Neighborhood News & Info tab.

All communication may be made through the main HOA email HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com and will be sent to the appropriate committee chair who will reach out to you. Please allow 48 hours.

Q: How can I get a new mailbox/trash can?
A: You can email HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com and the HOA will replace. Mailboxes are $20 and will be installed for you. Trash cans are $100.

Q: Who do I contact when our street lights are out?
A: To report street light outages, please click here to log light status. To figure out what the street light number is, please click here to figure out the appropriate street light number to report.

Q: Who do I contact for exterior paint, landscape & fence approvals?
A: Contact HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com and a member of the Architectural Committee will be in touch with you. Please give the committee at least 2 business days to obtain approval. Additional information may be required.

Q: I have a neighbor in direct violation of a covenant and I’m unsure of how to proceed with a complaint anonymously.
A: Email HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com. Each request will be looked at and replied to in 48 hours. If there is a covenant violation, a letter will be mailed and the property in question will be given 30 days to comply from the date of the letter.

TOHOA is not a law enforcement agency. We ask that all residents call 911 in any emergency. For non-emergency events, residents should reach out to the Platte County Sherriff’s department (816-858-3521) or the Parkville Police department (816-741-4454), depending on if your house is located in city limits or is unincorporated. This includes but is not limited to: neighbor disputes, domestic animal complaints, dogs off leash, abandoned cars, dangerous activity, loitering, suspicious behavior, for example.

Q: Who do I contact for more information on social events?
A: Please look to our Calendar of Events tab which will have a list of upcoming events. In the past we have hosted events including an Easter Egg hunt, Independence Day parade and fireworks, BBQ competition and Cookies with Santa. Any further questions can be sent to HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com.

Q: How do I find out more about the Thousand Oaks Otters Swim Team?
A: Our neighborhood proudly supports our youth swimmers. We encourage anyone interested in the swim team to reach out directly to the Thousand Oaks Otters. Please visit www.ThousandOaksOtters.com for more info.

Q: Does Thousand Oaks have a garden club?
A: Yes, please send your information to HOA.thousandoaks@gmail.com and your information will be sent to Carla Brown who is the president of the garden club.

Q: Is there a Facebook page?
A: Yes! It is a closed group moderated by residents for residents, it is not managed by TOHOA or moderated by TOHOA. However, you can interact with the TOHOA team through FB.  Once the homeowner has closed on their house and has moved in, they can request to join the group. Search for Residents of Thousand Oaks, Kansas City/Parkville or visit:http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/TOResidents/

Q: Is there a forum to buy, sell & trade items among people in the neighborhood?
A: Yes, we have a Closed Group Facebook page. Please join “Swap Shop of Thousand Oaks/Kansas City“. An administrator will approve your request to join the page once they have verified you are a Thousand Oaks resident.